Some see a weed, others see a wish

Survive is an innovative local charity working towards freedom from domestic abuse for women and children in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. We offer practical and emotional support, accommodation, information and education for women, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence and abuse.
Survive is the lead domestic abuse agency for South Gloucestershire with 40 years experience of working to support women and children to recover from their experiences of domestic abuse. We have a range of services including three refuges, one to one support, information sessions, support for women and men at high risk and work in schools. It is our aim to offer confidential emotional and practical support to people affected by domestic abuse whether they are in crisis now or are affected by historical abuse.
Survive is a team of trained and experienced staff offering  a quality specialist service to women, men and children who need support to recover from their experiences. We have a centre in Kingswood and three refuges but work across the greater Bristol area and accept women into our refuges from all over the country. The majority of our services are aimed at women but some of our newer services also support men. Our Independent Domestic Violence Advisors based at Southmead hospital work with men and women who attend A & E because of their injuries and symptoms. Our parenting programme works with Mums, Dads, Step Mums, Step Dads and anyone offering a parenting or guardian role to a young person who has witnessed abuse.  As well as a range of services for people experiencing abuse now, we are very keen to ensure that we do as much as we can to prevent abuse and so we are working in schools and with the police, the health and housing sector and funders to develop an understanding of the triggers and to support young people to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships.
Support line: 0117 961 2999 Office line: 0117 961 3065
10% of all proceeds from the sale of 'Wish', will be donated to Survive.